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    Manual Vegetable Cutter 5 In 1 Food Chopper

    $24.90 $36.00
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     feature9: Kitchen Items

     feature8: Kitchen Slicer

    feature7: Not Easy To Fade

    feature6: Eco-Friendly

    feature5: Meat cutter

    feature4: Reusable

    feature3: Saving Time And Effort

    feature2: Fruit & Vegetable Tools

    feature1: Easy Clean

    The Cutter contains rubberized suction cups at its base to ensure stability and safety.

    It comes with a retractable handle, a support and a brush that ensures that your Cutter lasts longer, is compact, can store in space.

    1 Manual, 1 Cutter, 1 Blade, 1 Container, 1 Piece for Cutting, 1 Tube for Fitting


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